Conrad Smith Leadership Council (CSLC)







Applications due
March 1, 2023

The Department of Medicine at UPMC has partnered with the Pitt Foundation to form the Conrad Smith Leadership Council (CSLC) to recruit the best and brightest residents that display a passion for health equity to join the Internal Medicine Residency Program here at UPMC.  Residents seeking to become future leaders are supported in multiple ways through the CSLC program.

Each council member is eligible to receive:

  • Tuition support for training in the Institute for Clinical Research and Education (ICRE) or support for classes at the University of Pittsburgh Katz School of Business
  • Travel support to academic meetings
  • Mentoring and personalized career advising
  • Individualized executive coaching

The goal of the Conrad Smith Leadership Council is for every council member to be equipped with the tools needed to thrive throughout residency and to contribute to academic medicine with clinical and scholarly excellence.

The future health of our country dictates that we train a diverse workforce and train the next generation of leaders in academic medicine.

For additional information, please contact Naudia Jonassaint at jonassaintnl@upmc.edu.

Your generosity is appreciated and needed for the CSLC to continue to enrich the lives of future physicians and leaders passion about healthy equity.

Foundations for Success: Healthcare Leadership and Business Fundamentals

Jeannette E. South‐Paul, MD Visiting Clerkship (JSPVC)

The Jeannette E. South‐Paul, MD Visiting Clerkship (JSPVC) program is designed to expand opportunities for visiting underrepresented minority (URM) medical students to explore residency opportunities at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (UPMC). The clerkship is a one‐month clinical experience for senior medical students who have completed core clerkships. In addition, the program will connect participants professionally and socially with URM faculty and community physician role models.